Why choose Hartson-Kennedy laminate countertops for your home?  First and foremost - great price! A laminate solution is much more affordable than a granite or solid surface solution.

Smart money buys laminate.


Hartson-Kennedy laminated countertops are a logical and compatible selection for the environmentally conscientious consumer. They are manufactured from renewable resources, make good use of recycled and recovered components, and exhibit low air emission characteristics to maintain high quality indoor environments. A truly “Eco-friendly” countertop choice.


Laminate is non-porous and does not support mold or bacteria growth. Leave a lemon slice on a granite countertop or spill a little vinegar and it will need to be resealed to make it safe against bacteria. The set-on backsplash fabrication required in granite tops provides the perfect environment to support mold growth if water seeps under. Forget trying to keep grout clean in tile tops, anyone who has ever cleaned and regrouted tile knows the meaning of elbow grease. Only laminate offers a sanitary cove that seals out air and waterborne pathogens that could otherwise accumulate, making laminate the healthiest countertop option on the market. 

Since laminate tops are a wood product they can be used virtually anywhere. Tops, doors, panels, partitions, desktops, cabinet doors and faces, furniture and shelves, make it all with laminate.

Hartson-Kennedy stocks a large number of colors and finishes from all the major laminate manufacturers.

Variety of Styles and Colors
Literally hundreds of laminate color and pattern combinations are available. Colors range from vibrant pure colors to hundreds of patterns that simulate the look and feel of stone, wood, granite and tile at a fraction of the price of these products.

Improvements in print technology, types of inks used, and finishes available are helping today's laminates give the perception of depth and dimension. Add to that the fact that we now offer 10 different edge treatments and you’ll be amazed with the options.

With our patented processes for the Amore’ and Vida sculptured edges, we can give you the look of stone at a fraction of the price. Utilizing the latest laminate introductions featuring the look and feel of real stone, these new profiles and innovative processes create the look you desire with a laminate countertop. 

High pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) is made by saturating sheets of decorative and core paper with resins, then pressing them under high heat, fusing the layers into a single sheet. A sheet of laminate is actually only 18% plastic resin; the rest is paper! The result is a hard, durable material that’s water resistant, easy to clean, non-porous, warm, and inexpensive. To make a fully prefabricated countertop, the laminate is bonded as one piece with the backsplash and edge.
Laminate comes in different thicknesses depending on their intended use. Horizontal grade is the thickest variety of laminate because it is designed for flat, high-impact and heavy-use countertops. It is the most resilient grade of laminate and can withstand the most impact. For postforming—the process of forming the decorative laminate into simple shapes—a slightly thinner grade of laminate is used. Vertical grade is the thinnest and is typically used for low-impact vertical installations. Hartson-Kennedy never uses vertical grade on our tops ensuring the longest lasting countertops on the market today. You will find our competitors use the cheaper vertical grade laminate.

Ease of Maintenance
Hartson-Kennedy kitchen and vanity tops feature a ¼" radius cove on the backsplash to make clean-up a snap. The molded backsplash also keeps moisture from behind your cabinets and away from the structure of your home. Our rounded edge tops resist chipping. Most clean up simply involves a damp cloth with mild soap. Window cleaner will also put a shine on countertops like it does on windows. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided and coasters used to keep your top looking new for years.